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We are a healthcare facility that incorporates a natural, holistic approach to pain relief and injury recovery. Reducing your symptoms is just one of our goals. We also want to empower you to better manage your condition and avoid future injuries. Remember, we work for you!

We offer Massage Therapy on-site.

We accept a wide variety of insurances.

Dr. Smith specializes in the management and treatment of spinal pain, nerve related pain and injuries to related joints of the upper and lower extremities such as the hip, knee, foot, shoulder, and arm. As a chiropractic physician, he employs a conservative approach to treating musculoskeletal pain. This type of treatment is a safe and very effective alternative to more invasive treatments such as prescription drugs, injections and surgery. He combines both chiropractic and physical therapy techniques in order provide patients with the most advanced conservative therapies for spine and sports injuries. We offer much more than just spinal manipulation!

"If you are suffering from spinal pain or a sports injury and don't know where
to go or what to do, our clinic is a great place to begin getting answers,
information and treatment."
Dr. Jeffrey C. Smith

In the rare event that these therapies are either not appropriate or not effective, Dr Smith can help direct you to the appropriate specialist. Occasionally more invasive treatments, such as surgery, pain management, medications, or injections are necessary to properly manage your condition. Dr. Smith will work closely with other specialists or your primary physician to ensure that you get the proper treatment for your condition.

We treat a wide variety of patients of all different ages including children and senior citizens. In fact our oldest patient is in her nineties. Some of our patients include professional athletes, high school athletes, and pregnant women, but most are just like you, people searching for relief of their pain.

We offer emergency and same day appointments to ensure that you begin feeling better fast. Just call our office at 295-8606 so that we can begin to help you.

Dr. Jeffrey C. Smith
Chiropractic Physician
Sport and Spine Center
7293 Post Road
North Kingstown, RI 02852
ph 401 295-8606
fx 401 295-8607
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