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What is the "cracking" sound?
The sound that is often heard with joint manipulation is basically a release of gas within the joint fluid as the joint is mobilized. It is not bones breaking or tendons snapping. Essentially, it is just a side effect of the manipulation itself.

What is the purpose of joint manipulation?
The purpose of joint manipulation is to restore normal joint motion that has been altered and restricted from injury, overuse, lack of use, repetitive strain and, in some cases, stress. A restricted joint can become painful and unhealthy, and may negatively affect other joints, thereby causing improper firing of nerves which leads to a cycle of pain and dysfunction.

Do I have to get "cracked" if I come for treatment?
Spinal manipulation is just one form of treatment utilized at our clinic. Although joint manipulation is extremely safe, it is not indicated for every condition. It is not necessarily used during every treatment, or on every patient. Furthermore, spinal manipulation should not be painful. If you are very inflamed or your condition is acute, it is not uncommon to experience a temporary increase in symptoms following treatment, regardless of the type of treatment used. As always, feel free to discuss all of your concerns with the doctor.

I have a disc herniation and/or sciatica. Can I still be treated?
Disc herniations are very common and not a contraindication to chiropractic treatment. In fact, the vast majority of disc herniations do not require surgery or other invasive measures. Our office offers some of the most effective treatment and therapies for disc herniations and sciatic pain.

 I have arthritis, what can you do for me?
Arthritis is a very common condition. Dr. Smith routinely treats patients with varying degrees of arthritis and has had tremendous success in helping to reduce their pain and manage their symptoms. Just because you have arthritis does not mean that you have to suffer in pain.

 How long is a typical visit?
Initial examination with treatment 40-60 minutes.
Regular treatment 20-30 minutes.

 How long will it take to recover from low back pain?
Most people with low back pain recover within 2-5 weeks. However, each injury is unique and factors such as age, weight, use of tobacco products, overall health, activity level and severity of injury all contribute to recovery time. In general, conditions that have been present for a longer period of time, or those that have a history of recurrence, require a longer recovery period.

 How do I know if I should see a surgeon?
Occasionally more invasive treatments, such as medication, injections or surgery are necessary to properly manage your condition. With a thorough examination and history, Dr. Smith can help to determine if more invasive measures may be necessary, and he will work closely with your PCP to ensure that you get the proper treatment for your condition.

 If I have already had back or neck surgery can I still be treated?
Yes. I see many patients after surgery. In fact, treatment after surgery can be extremely beneficial to help to rebuild and rehabilitate the spinal stabilizing muscles. Sometimes coordination with the surgeon is important after a major, invasive surgery.

I am pregnant and have back pain. Can I see a chiropractor?
Yes. It is not uncommon to experience back pain while pregnant. This is often caused by loosening of the ligaments of the spine and pelvis secondary to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Chiropractic manipulation has been proven safe and effective for pregnant women with back pain, and is frequently recommended by many obstetricians.

Once I start chiropractic care, do I have to keep coming back?
No. The goal of care at this office is to effectively reduce pain and dysfunction. At the same time, self-management strategies are taught (i.e. exercises, postural modification), and these often provide patients with the necessary tools to manage their own symptoms. However, regular chiropractic manipulation can be an important tool in the long-term management of some conditions. You may discuss your particular condition with Dr. Smith.

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